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Top Five Benefits For Partners

Automatic Blending and Load Balancing

Improve service levels and make best use of agent time with SCC’s Automatic Session Distributor (ASD®)

The ASD® is SCC’s multimedia/ multisession extension to the traditional call center ACD, blending and load-balancing sessions of all media types – text as well as voice.

Sophisticated blending rules ensure SLAs are achieved, moving agents seamlessly and automatically between queues, and from one media type to another (subject to skills).

Automatic blending and load balancing - Benefits for Partners

Service Multiple Tenants with a Single Hosted System

Support hundreds of separate and secure tenants on a single hosted system with best-in-class hardware footprint

All SCC components support solid and secure partitioning through multi-tenancy, ensuring that each customer’s data is ring fenced. Mature tenant provisioning controls allow new tenants to be set up simply and quickly.

All SCC applications are designed from the ground up to work together seamlessly using SCC’s native communication protocol, with no need for 3rd party frameworks. This maximises software performance and minimises the hardware footprint.

Softdial Contact Center V11 Partner Information - Service Multiple Tenants with a Single Hosted System

Integrate With Any 3rd Party Applications

Integrate using SCC’s comprehensive, mature and robust API set, as used by our own software

All core services within SCC’s modular architecture deliver their functionality via a published API, and SCC’s line-of-business services use this API internally. Partners can either take the whole platform and customise for their customers’ needs, or have their own line-of-business applications seamlessly integrated with SCC, such as: CRM clients, 3rd party agent interfaces, custom data/ management clients and ASD® config integration with 3rd party clients.

For server-side integration, SCC supports the customer’s choice of API technology: HTTP/ HTTPS, .NET classes, TCP Sockets or WebSockets.

Integrate With Any 3rd Party Applications

Add Instant Cloud Capacity

Scale up on the fly in rapid response to changing business needs, with no down time

SCC’s flexible and highly scalable architecture meets the needs of both SME’s and enterprise clients, supporting 10,000+ users in a multi-tenant environment, managed from a single user interface.

Optimised for the cloud, SCC can be deployed to all major vendors (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, etc), in a public or private cloud, or on-premise.

Services are stateless where possible to enable web service and database redundancy, with key services (e.g. campaign management, scripting) deployed as unique instances for each tenant.

VMs at any location can be joined to the SCC cloud, and managed centrally. The bootstrapping service allows fast assignment of roles and services.

Add instant cloud capacity

Customise, Localise, White Label

Mould all user interfaces to exact customer requirements

Create a custom desktop environment with ease, containing either SCC or 3rd party applications, using SCC’s powerful and versatile Softdial One.

Include any web based 3rd party software within iFrames; CRMs, ticketing systems, intranet pages and other independent web applications.

Save screen layouts as templates, then apply them to particular users/groups.

Softdial One can be white-labelled by partners who wish to add themes and logos for their own branded offering.

Customise, Localise, White Label

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