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Top Five Benefits For End Users

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Intelligent routing connects the customer with the most appropriate agent

An agent who has previously had successful interaction with the customer will find it much easier to build a relationship.

Maximise the opportunity using business data to route the call to an agent with a history of success.

SCC’s sophisticated routing tool, Softdial Pathfinder™, can make use of historical data to select the most suitable agent.

Increase Customer Satisfaction - Top Five Benefits for End Users

Boost Agent Efficiency

Agents handle simultaneous un-siloed interactions, with a consistent experience across media types

Agents work more flexibly and efficiently using SCC’s Agent Desktop, simultaneously handling one voice session and as many text sessions (web chat, messaging, email, SMS, etc) as is practical.

Whichever application the consumer is using, e.g. Facebook Messenger, WebChat, Twitter IM or SMS, Agent Desktop provides a consistent interaction experience. To maximise efficiency, agents can be blended automatically between sessions across media types.

Agent Desktop - Benefits for End Users

Enable Supervisors to be More Effective

Release supervisors to focus on agent training and improvement

With SCC, supervisors are freed from having to respond to changing conditions by blending agents to meet SLAs, or altering the dialing rate. After initial setup, SCC handles all this automatically, so supervisors can get on with training agents and improving effectiveness.

Supervisors can identify agents for coaching by reviewing agent audio and screen recordings. Past interactions can easily be found using a variety of search criteria and replayed within the same application. The contents of all text conversations can be quickly retrieved and reviewed.

Supervisors can monitor or coach live agents, or take over the conversation in an emergency.

Exact metrics for all agent activity are available via reports within the supervisor desktop.

Enable Supervisors to be More Effective

Build Complex IVR, AI and Agent Workflows

No specialist skills are required to create the most complex flows

Relatively inexperienced users can quickly create efficient, complex and reliable agent scripts (live, IVR and bots) and workflows, for execution in any browser, using Scripter Designer.

Simple bots can be designed to deliver basic session handling for all media types, e.g. pre-processing a session, collecting key details about a customer before it is handed off to a live agent.

Bots are built using the Scripter’s Text Processing Library, or for more sophisticated apps, using the in-built Natural Language Processing engine.

Build complex IVR, AI and agent workflows

Check Performance at a Glance

Create and modify your own metrics and reports for all media types

View a rich variety of reports, with clear visuals of all information feeds from SCC, using Softdial Reporter5. All reports may be added, deleted and resized as required, with no need for separate dashboard products.

Reporter5 allows users to create and modify their own reports, adding new KPIs, and including all content of text-based sessions such as WebChat and Email is stored within session records.

Users can also take data into their own systems in real time, this can be via managed feeds from SCC into an SQL database or by taking data direct from SCC’s APIs; this allows for business intelligence systems to be easily integrated.

Check performance at a glance

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