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The latest release of our hosted cloud contact center platform helps you to delight customers, and takes agent performance to a new level.

Michael McKinlay
CEO, Sytel Limited

Tell Me About Sytel

Constant evolution to add value, and make a lasting difference.

Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay Explains:

Tell Me About Sytel Software

Great software is about having a strong robust architecture as well as having a great development team. Let’s hear from our chief technical gurus on both these subjects.

SCC’s Cloud ACD Implementation

Garry Pearson, Chief Technical Officer, Sytel

Leading-Edge Design by World-Class Developers

Eduardo Miller, Director of Development, Sytel

Eduardo Miller

Tell Me About Softdial Contact Center Version 11

Version 11 represents a quantum leap in functionality and flexibility

SCC’s APIs for Integration Partners

Patrick Bosworth, Pre-Sales Manager, Sytel

Fully Blended Multimedia, Built for the Cloud

Jamie Stewart, Marketing Manager, Sytel


We have been working with Sytel for many years and just love the way they are continually innovating to keep us ahead of the market

Naresh Kothari
President of Intertec Systems, Dubai

Increase Customer Satisfaction | Improve Agent Performance

Whatever the business goals of your contact center, both customer and agent satisfaction are vital.

See how SCC v11 enhances the customer experience

See how SCC v11 takes agent performance to another level

What's New in SCC Version 11

Top Five Benefits For Partners

Automatically blend to balance load

Automatic blending and load balancing

across all media types
Service multiple tenants with a single system

Service multiple tenants with a single hosted system

hosted in the cloud

Integrate with any 3rd Party applications

Integrate with any 3rd Party applications

via comprehensive, robust APIs
Add instant cloud capacity

Add instant cloud capacity

and scale down as required

Customise, localise, re-brand

Customise, localise, white label

to fit your business needs

Top Five Benefits For End Users

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

by connecting to the most appropriate agent
Boost Agent Productivity

Boost agent efficiency

with multiple concurrent sessions of any media type
Help supervisors be more effective

Enable supervisors to be more effective

by managing agents, not technology
Build complex IVR, AI and agent workflows

Build complex IVR, AI and agent workflows

with no specialist skills

Quickly identify problems

Check performance at a glance

with highly customisable reports

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Take a closer look at how Softdial Contact Center works to improve operational efficiency, and increase customer and agent satisfaction.

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